The Agircultural Cooperative “San Miguel” (Saint Michael) was founded in 1959, on the initiative of a number of potato growers who decided to goup together to commercialise their product. Initially, the enterprise was located in various private rooms in close proximity to the Saint Michael church. Later, in the 60s decade, they moved to their present installations. LaCasmi became the first potato cooperative at Canary Island level, managing to export, in the 70s decade, 16 million kilos of extra-early potatoes between February and May, with the United Kingdom as the main destination.

Later, in the 80s decade, sweet pepper production started, with exports to European markets reaching over a million kilos (United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium…). It was also in the 80s decade that the first regional winecellar on the Canaries was founded, created by members of LaCasmi, who grew vines as an associated and secondary crop.

In the 90s decade the banana-packaging facility was created, beginning operations with half a million kilos from the members’ farms.

At present, the sections which continue to operate are potatoes, bananas, and the wine cellar.


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